Since 1973, when IMEFY, S.L. began the manufacture of oil filled distribution transformers, followed a bit later by cast resin distribution transformers, our company has continuously grew up and the range of power and voltage covered by our transformers has been also enlarged. To undertake this expansion, IMEFY, S.L.has the most sophisticated engineering and manufacturing resources, as well as a highly qualified human team. In this way, we have evolved, both in the national and international realms, and we have devices installed in all the five continents. Also, IMEFY S.L. actively participates in national and international working groups, where the Standards for this kind of machines are created and developed.

IMEFY S.L. Raw Materials and Final Product Laboratories, are equipped with the last and higher technology in order to carry out exhaustive controls and the most server tests required by national and international standards for those products used during the manufacturing process of a transformer. The high qualification of the human team and the high accuracy level of the instrumentation (endorsed by the corresponding calibration certificates, issued by official laboratories), endow IMEFY, S.L. laboratories with maximun degree of quality and reliability as it has been always recognized by our clients.